Posted on December 22, 2020
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iGaming content writing tips from the experts

Good iGaming content is engaging, informative, and helpful; it is written for the user with SEO in mind, and it’s designed to fulfill a number of purposes, from providing information to pushing for sales.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the ways you can improve your casino content, whether you’re creating it yourself or hiring someone to do the work for you.

1. Casino SEO is about quality, not formula

Good casino SEO is not about ticking boxes and following a specific formula. There is no cheat sheet, and while some so-called “experts” will give your rankings an immediate boost, the methods used will likely harm your site in the long-term.

A good copywriting agency understands that the best SEO begins with the best content.

It makes sense when you think about it.

Google wants to reach a point where it ranks content based purely on its quality. When you search for “A Guide to Blackjack”, it wants to show you articles created by experts, articles that are well written, easy to understand, and filled with informative tips.

It doesn’t want to give priority to sites that have regurgitated generic content and purchased the most backlinks.

Good iGaming content will give your rankings a huge boost and it will also protect you against future updates.

If you find that your rankings suffer every time Google updates its algorithm, it could be that your content is too generic, too weak, and those rankings are relying solely on backlinks as opposed to well-written content.

It’s why many of the best copywriting services use only native writers who are experienced in their chosen topics. Such is the case here at Language Bear. If you purchase casino content from us, it will be written by gambling experts who know the iGaming sector inside and out.

2. Don’t be too rigid with casino content

iGaming content doesn’t have to be about slot reviews, casino reviews, and gaming guides. This content certainly helps and can form the backbone of an online casino, but it should not be the only thing you do.

A single slot machine title could be hosted on hundreds of casinos; a single casino could be reviewed by thousands of affiliates. Good casino content needs to be somewhat original, and if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, you’re not being original.

There’s more to a casino than its games, so think outside of the box. Write about industry regulations, payment options, casino scams—anything that is relevant and allows for a little originality.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. While it’s important to create content that is relevant to your industry, that doesn’t mean you have to strictly paint within the lines and do exactly the same things that your competitors are doing.

3. Write to be read, not to be ranked

A good casino writer knows to write for the reader, and not for the rankings. As noted above, well-written content will also appeal to Google.

The iGaming sector is notorious for poorly written guides, reviews, and foundational content. A lot of it is penned in another language, run through Google Translate, and then posted with little thought for grammar or readability.

Some of it is created purely for SEO purposes.

It’s okay to give a writer a few pointers, but as soon as you start giving them strict instructions that govern every sentence, you’re asking for terrible content.

A good iGaming content writer can create a top-notch article based on a few keywords and some basic structural pointers. But if you’re giving them 20 keywords and specific keyword density instructions while requesting just 500 words, you’re asking for trouble.

Stop words also need to be considered, as they could be the difference between a good article and a nonsensical one.

Many iGaming content managers will do some keyword research before speaking with a writer. In doing so, they may find a lot of activity for keyword phrases like “How can I win at Blackjack?” and “How can I count cards in a game of Blackjack?”, after which they’ll tell the writer to include these keywords exactly as they appear and an exact number of times.

It forces the writer to break their rhythm and to introduce techniques and tangents that they would have otherwise ignored.

The truth is, none of this matters.

Not only should a coherent article be your number 1 focus, but if you are focusing on SEO, you need to remember that Google doesn’t care about stop words.

These are the small words used to connect those keyword phrases. They include “And”, “The”, and even “How”, and by removing these from your instructions, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting a good article.

This is something you should also keep in mind if you’re writing the iGaming content yourself.

Even if you think you’ve found a way to make it work, your article will be better without it. For instance, when faced with the aforementioned keywords, many writers will choose to begin an article like:

“’How can I win at blackjack?’, you might have asked yourself that question many times as you prepare to play this classic card game.”

It’s awkward and jarring, and if you take keywords out of the equation, no self-respecting writer would begin an article like that.

Hire a professional copywriting agency for your iGaming content

If you’re struggling to create quality iGaming content or find a suitable writer, just hire the services of a professional copywriting agency!

At Language Bear, we work with the very best and most experienced writers, ensuring you get engaging, interesting content that ranks highly and increases customer engagement.

Contact us today for more information.

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