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Posted on March 11, 2020
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What is copywriting

Copywriting is the act of writing advertisements (“copy”) for the purpose of selling a product. In modern times, it has taken on a broader meaning and spans everything from long-form website content to shorter, punchier, advertisements.

In years gone by, it referred purely to advertising copy, including promotional pieces and tag lines. But there is much more to it than that and the question of, “what is copywriting?” needs a little more explanation.

What is a copywriter

A copywriter is simply someone who writes copy, with “copy” referring to any text designed to entice consumers into committing an action, such as making a purchase.

Copywriters have existed for as long as the written word, but it wasn’t until the invention of the printing press that they became imperative to the growth of commercialism.

Copywriters worked behind the scenes to launch some of history’s most famous brands, creating the taglines, posters, and newspaper ads that helped the likes of Cadbury’s, Kellogg’s, and countless other brands to become household names.

Many early copywriters learned their craft in business, marketing or journalism, but these days the industry is populated with creative, hard-working writers from all walks of life, from young students seeking to turn their creative talents into a side hustle, to highly-educated, full-time professionals who have devoted their lives to the art.

Every industry relies on this sector and these experts, including casino copywriting, which we know all too well here at Language Bear.

Copywriting jobs

Modern copywriting jobs consist mainly of writing website content and most copywriters can earn a very comfortable living writing blogs, product descriptions, and other basic website content.

Companies like Language Bear can provide multiple opportunities for copywriters and the clients that need to hire them. The latter can find the highest skilled individuals for the most essential copy, while the former can get the work they need to maintain a consistent salary.

The gambling industry is one of the biggest employers of skilled copywriters, with casino copywriting accounting for a huge slice of the content pie.

Casino and sports betting brands often run several sites in dozens of languages and with hundreds of affiliates. They need fresh content every single day for all these sites and all those languages, and that creates a seemingly endless amount of copywriting jobs for those willing to put the hours in.

Casino and sports betting SEO experts in particular can earn a very generous salary writing about everything from industry news to gambling guides, reviews, and more.

Copywriter salary

Let’s be honest, most people asking, “what is copywriting?” and “what is a copywriter?” are really only concerned about how much those writers get paid and how lucrative this industry is.

A copywriter’s salary depends on how many hours the copywriter works and how experienced and talented they are. An amateur writer with a good grasp of English, basic writing skills, and 30 to 40 hours to spare every week may struggle to earn more than minimum wage.

However, a skilled writer with a wealth of experience and a commitment of 80+ hours a week can earn in excess of 6-figures every year.

How to become a copywriter

So, how can you become a casino copywriter?

It’s important to know your level. As long as you have a really good understanding of the English language (or any other language) then you can make a start as a copywriter. You’ll have to set your rates low and work on less demanding jobs, but in time you will improve and can work your way through the ranks.

The great thing about modern copywriting is that there’s a little something for everything. Sure, you’ll be going up against experienced tipsters/pundits, best-selling authors, and other high-earners, and your chances of getting a high-paying job for a major gambling company are slim.

But what about the upstart entrepreneur who needs a low-cost writer to write a few pages on his affiliate site; what about the small independent betting shop that needs a handful of promotional pieces? High earners won’t be interested in these jobs, which means they are yours for the taking.

And the more of these jobs you take, the more experience you will get and the more money you can charge in the future. This is the secret to making it big as a copywriter, as well as a complete devotion to your clients and to getting the job done without delay.

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