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Adaptive translation

Translation agencies are a dime-a-dozen these days, but they offer a cookie-cutter approach that is ineffective and overpriced. The service some of them provide is a glorified auto-translate, one that translates the words but doesn’t express their meaning.

At Language Bear, we do things differently. We offer a unique service called adaptive translation. It ensures that you get the best work at the most affordable cost.

The first step in our process is to hire a translator who is experienced on the article subject and is also an expert linguist. This ensures that no meanings are lost and that the translated text reads as if written by an expert, because it has been. 

Secondly, we provide adaptations that help to translate aspects that may otherwise be lost.

For instance, when translating from French to UK English, we make sure that the final text is not only written in perfect English, incorporating British words, phrases and—where relevant— colloquialisms, but we also make sure it is relevant to UK rules and regulations. In addition, we change currencies, links, and we can also provide suggestions on how to make the content more relevant to the target market.

Casino Translation

We specialize in translating casino text and can offer a level of service that non-specialists simply can’t provide. Other companies may convert the text, but they won’t do so with rules and regulations in mind, they won’t change country-specific terms and they’ll ignore many of the specifics.

For instance, did you know that slot machines are called “slots” in Canada and the US, but are known as “pokies” in Australia? Did you know that real money slots can be found outside of casinos in UK and Australia, but are highly restricted in most parts of China and the US?

We know these things, but the average non-specialist agency does not—that’s what sets us apart. We can offer translation on all the following and more:

  • Casino reviews
  • Slots and table game descriptions
  • Landing pages
  • Promotional material
  • And more…

Sports Betting Translation

The sports betting industry uses unique terminology that isn’t always easy to translate, and if you take your translation projects to a non-specialist provider, they’ll struggle to give you an accurate, high-quality text.

But we’re different, because we only work with specialists and ensure that every translator is both an expert in languages and in your chosen niche.

As an example, you probably know that while the UK uses the fractional odds system, the rest of Europe uses decimal odds and North America uses Vegas odds, but we bet that the average translation agency doesn’t know this.

An expert translator is not just someone who knows how to express every word, but also someone who understands the terminology in each language. That’s what we provide.

We can translate all of the following:

  • Sportsbook reviews
  • Promotional materials
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • And more…

Website & Mobile App Translation

There are a few very specific things to take into consideration when translating website pages and apps, things that we always teach to our translators but things that often go unnoticed by our competitors. These include:

  • Consistency: The spacing and formatting needs to be consistent to ensure it fits. If a translation of one word/phrase requires too many additional words, then changes need to be made elsewhere, requiring a proactive and experienced translator.
  • Knowledge: A translator needs to understand aspects of HTML and design so as not to delete information pertaining to important variables.
  • Layout: Our translators understand what’s a button, a form and a link, and will translate according.

Not only are our translators skilled in the aforementioned, but they will also be supervised and their work will be checked thoroughly.


We have become a leading provider of transcreation services over the last few years, translating, updating, and creating to ensure that the content is perfect and ready for publication.

This is not something you will be offered by a traditional translation agency, as they hire only linguists, whereas most of our translators are also writers and we have skilled editors to help as well.

This service provides some much needed peace of mind, as the client can simply provide us with the original content, regardless of its age or inaccuracies, and then let us work our magic.