Casino content and other gambling copywriting

Language Bear has a dedicated, highly-skilled team of copywriters who understand the intricacies and potential pitfalls of the gambling industry.

Our writers have created content for hundreds of websites across dozens of brands. We understand the ins-and-outs of all major gambling markets, from adapting to the restrictions imposed by the UK Gambling Commission, to writing about the dominance of “pokies” in Australia.

Our writers are experienced and understand this sector from both sides—many of them actively partake in sports betting, poker and casino games in their part time. As a result, they can cover all aspects of the industry, from technical guides outlining the inner workings of RNGs and the calculations involved with creating RTPs, to betting strategies and slot reviews.

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Gambling copywriting services

Whether you need an advertising copywriter to figurehead a new promotional campaign, or a creative copywriter tasked with reviewing new slots and strategies, we can help.

Next level casino content

The online gambling industry is rife with regulations and restrictions, yet so many casinos rely on cheap, low-quality copywriting services. Not only are they putting their license at risk by letting a non-native, inexperienced writer create their content, but the end result is neither informative nor inspiring and simply won’t generate leads.

Language Bear is one of Europe’s leading gambling copywriting services because we hire native writers who know the rules and regulations, will never put your brand at risk and will always deliver the absolute best quality product.

Here are just a few of the jobs that our team completes on a weekly basis:
  • Casino reviews: If your affiliates are struggling to provide their own reviews, or you run an affiliate site yourself, we can help. Our copywriters can provide detailed, error-free reviews written to your specifications.

  • Slot reviews: Whether you’re creating the games, hosting them or discussing their details, our writers can provide quick, honest reviews.

  • Advertising copy: Emails, coupons, promotional pages—whatever you need to promote your brand.

  • Gambling articles: From topical news pieces to comprehensive guides, our gambling copywriters are experts in all things related to the worlds of online and offline gambling.

  • And more…

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