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Language Bear can help your retail company to grow, working on every aspect of your online business, including blog posts, guides, product descriptions, category descriptions, promotional material, and more. As a company we have been producing high-quality e-commerce content since 2015, but on an individual basis our small but dedicated team of writers have produced content for many of the biggest brands in the world and have a combined experience of over 100 years.

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E-commerce copywriting

E-commerce copywriting requires much more than a good command of language. To be effective, it needs to be both informative and convincing; it needs to speak to the customer without deviating from the brand message.

That’s exactly what we can offer you, and that’s why our content is better and more effective. With Language Bear you’re not just getting any old writer, you’re getting a skilled, knowledgeable web copywriter with years of experience working for the biggest brands. Our e-commerce copywriting team also includes editors who can eradicate any mistakes that have slipped through the net and ensure that the work is complaint and meets the client’s specifications.

Product description writing

One of the most requested and most important copywriting tasks in this industry is product description writing. As the name suggests, this involves writing descriptions about a particular product or service in order to sell it to the customer. Our writers know how to do this in the space provided, whether that be 50 words or 500 words; we can ensure your specifications are met and that both the search engines and your customers are happy with the end result.

Quality SEO content

Are you struggling with a low ROI, poor organic traffic and a high bounce-rate? This could be the result of a lack of quality content, and that’s something that we can provide. All our content is written with search engines in mind and can help you to improve your rankings.

Our e-commerce content includes:
  • Product descriptions

  • Category descriptions: A category description needs to succinctly describe the type of product being sold while also keeping the search engines happy. It’s a difficult task, but one that our team is experienced in.

  • Promotional material: Put your brand in front of more people to increase sales. We can write emails, promotional content, social media posts, and everything else required.

  • Blog posts: Topical blog posts are a great way to keep your customers informed about sales within the company and important news happening outside of it.

  • And more…

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