Posted on September 25, 2019
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Why sports betting SEO is a minefield

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always a bit of a challenge. There are several things to take into consideration, from articles and URL layouts to competing websites and backlinks. These issues are amplified with sportsbooks, as SEO is much more difficult and problematic where this industry is concerned.

In this short guide we’ll look at the reasons why, highlighting the potential issues that sports betting sites face.

It’s hard to be original

The sports betting industry is saturated. There are thousands of sportsbooks, each with their own guides and blogs, and in addition to these you have millions of content sites, all publishing the same content.

This means that every writer is dangerously close to displeasing Google, which hates regurgitated content, and it’s very difficult to be 100% original. Of course, a good content writer can make sure the content is indeed 100% original and that it goes close to touching on new subjects, but even they are limited to what they can write about.

To counter this issue, a unique content plan is needed, requiring skilled writers and SEO experts who also understand the sports betting niche.

The most obvious content is a regulatory nightmare

The most obvious articles for a sports betting site to publish would be tipping articles. It makes sense, as they encourage players to bet, they are original, and one can be provided for every single game.

However, while these articles are the go-to option for affiliate sites, they can be a regulatory nightmare for actual sportsbooks. Many regulators, including the UK Gambling Commission, insist that sports books do not provide tips, suggestions or strategies relating to bets.

They can get in trouble even just for offhandedly suggesting a bet and that creates all kinds of headaches for content managers. 

Links are difficult

Strong backlinks are essential for good SEO. These links are used by Google to determine how others perceive your site. Simply put, if you have more links on relevant sites Google believes that people are linking to you as a reference and a recommendation, so they rank you higher as a result.

But they also punish gambling sites, which means no sites are willing to organically link to them and if they offer links as a paid service, they nearly always charge an extortionate price and always overvalue their site.

This means that one of the main aspects of SEO is incredibly difficult and costly for all sports betting websites. Google also frowns upon websites that pay for links, even though this is one of the only viable options for sports betting websites.

There are some ways around this, though. One of the most common is to establish an affiliate program, but this results in a lot of spammy links and no-follow links, neither of which are helpful. An expert SEO team, such as those provided by Language Bear, can help to acquire useful and relevant links that don’t anger Google or cost the earth.

Conclusion: Hire a skilled team

At Language Bear we only work with SEO-adept writers who are highly knowledgeable in their chosen subjects. When you hire Language Bear for your sports betting content, you’ll get the best writer and editors and you’ll also get people who understand the betting industry (and its many regulations) inside out.

This way, you’re guaranteed the best workarounds and the best content, all of which will remain within the rules and will ensure you don’t fall foul of the regulators.

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