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The hospitality industry has changed. There was a time when travel guides, newspaper reviews and word-of-mouth was essential to the success of a business, a time when mistakes were forgivable and word spread slowly. These days it’s a different story.

The internet has created endless opportunities for upcoming brands in the travel sector, but it’s also created one of the most competitive and saturated industries in the world. High quality content is one of the few things that can help you to standout in this densely populated sector, and that’s where we come in.

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Hotel reviews and more

Whether you’re looking for quality hotel reviewers for hotel review sites, or you need descriptions pertaining to your B&B, Airbnb or hotel, our experts can help. 

A step above

The average content creation agency is focused 100% on profit and fast client turnovers. They want the biggest margins and the most clients, which means you often end up paying for inexperienced writers who produce low-quality work. With Language Bear, we guarantee that you will always get a native speaker who has been writing at the highest level for many years.

Every single member of our team, from our writers to our editors, is vastly experienced and has undergone a strict vetting process. More importantly, everyone who works on your project will have experience of the hospitality sector, from writers who have penned descriptions for the biggest booking sites on the internet, to editors who have worked on hotel guides and brochures.

This ensures that you always get the highest quality hospitality content for the best possible price, which in turn allows your brand to grow. What’s more, because we’re working with full-time professionals and not part-time amateurs, you get your content quicker and without any issues or mistakes.

So, for the best hotel reviewers and hospitality copywriters, place an order with Language Bear today.

Some of the content pieces we can write for your hospitality business:
  • The best hotel reviews: We can provide detailed, comprehensive reviews of any length, perfect if you own a string of hotels or hotel-themed websites. Our hotel reviewers have stayed in hundreds of hotels and written about thousands more.

  • Facility descriptions: Can’t quite find the words to describe what sets your accommodation apart? Let us help.

  • Activities: If you run a tour or sightseeing company and need an expert hospitality copywriter on board, place your order today.

  • And more…

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