Posted on July 12, 2019
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How to plan an effective casino content strategy

Good content is essential if you want to lure players into your website and make sure they stick around. It’s the basis of all popular websites, the reason people visit, stay, bookmark and recommend, and that’s why casino content is one of our main specialities here at Language Bear.

In this guide we’ll look at the things you need to consider when planning your casino content strategy, all of which will help you to maximize the impact that this content has on your site, reputation and bottom-line.

Know your audience and write for them

You should always write for a specific audience as opposed to a general readership. For example, if you’re writing about sports betting then it might make sense to keep it basic, avoiding industry terminology and explaining anything technical.

But in doing so you’re alienating the people looking to consume that content and appealing to the ones who just happen to stumble across it. It’s akin to a sports commentator describing the offside rule every time a player is flagged. 

Stop appealing to the majority when the minority are the ones paying attention.

Establish your goal

All content needs an established goal and that goal should be clear from the moment the content is planned to the moment it is published.

If, for example, the goal is to advertise a new promotion, then the writer needs to be informed so they can implement links to that promotion and discuss its benefits; if the goal is to promote the brand on social media, an emphasis will be placed on headlines, catchy images, and quotable snippets.

Track the success

It’s hard to know how successful a content strategy is unless you have something to compare it to, but if you start tracking every possible metric then you’ll have that data for future comparisons.

Use tracking software to discover how many readers make it to the end, how many visit another page, how many leave the site, etc., Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and other trackers will tell you which articles are the most successful in terms of search engine rankings, social media clicks, engagement, and lead generation.

Once you have all of that data then you can process it and use it to create future content strategies.

Make it visual

Everything is visual these days. The average user prefers to consume content via video and will pay more attention to articles that contain images. You can use this knowledge to your advantage as a content creator. The goal, however, is not to ignore text altogether, but rather to use it as a foundation on which many visual elements are built.

Embed video, slides, animations, and anything else that can make your content pop, but don’t go overboard. You don’t want your site to look like an early 2000s MySpace page.

Hire the right team

Finally, it’s important to hire the right team, one that has experience in producing high quality content and can give you something that is SEO optimized but also appeals to readers in your niche. It’s content that ranks highly and generates quality leads.

That’s exactly what we can offer here on Language Bear. Email us or request a callback today to talk with one of our experts and discover what we can do for you.

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