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Good content is the backbone of any business, but in the travel sector it’s even more important. Well written promotional content can be the difference between success and failure, the difference between a customer overlooking you or opting to lay-down hundreds or even thousands of dollars; informative guides can be the difference between a traveller losing their way and panicking in some foreign land, or having the holiday of a lifetime.

If you want the best travel writing, then you need to put your trust in the best travel writing company. That’s where we come in.

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What is travel writing?

Travel writing encompasses a wide spectrum of content, from promotional materials published by an online aggregator or estate agent, to guides written to help travellers abroad. It can also include personal blogs, travel anthologies, and pretty much anything else within this multi-billion-dollar industry.

The best travel writing

So what sets good travel writing apart from bad? For one thing, it needs to offer value to the reader. The days of meaningless, buzzword-heavy content are—thankfully—long gone. Travelers don’t simply want to be told that a destination is “great” and that they should visit as soon as they get a chance. They want to be told specifics, from details on how they can get there, to what they should do when they arrive. They want tips and advice, and they want it to come from an informed writer.

That’s exactly what we can offer here at Language Bear. You give us the specifications, we’ll do the rest. But whatever happens, we can make sure that the content reads as if written by an expert with an in-depth knowledge of the route, transport method and destination, because it will be.

Some of the content our expert travel writers can provide includes:
  • Travel reviews: A comprehensive, accurate analysis of a holiday package, a town/city, even an app—our experts can review anything.

  • Route descriptions: We can describe a travel route with as much or as little info as required, whether it’s a plane or train journey.

  • Destination descriptions: We can write about cities, towns, villages, camp sites, and more. The content can be comprehensive guides covering all major and minor details, or short descriptive pieces.

  • And more…

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