Posted on May 11, 2020
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Casino writer: Guide to finding a writer for SEO iGaming content

In the world of gambling SEO, content is king, which means it’s essential to have a capable casino writer on your team.

You can never underestimate the value that a capable casino content writer can provide for your business, from engaging content to eye-catching headlines and lead-generating SEO. But where can you find them, and what should you look for?

Casino content writer: Traits to look for

The average online casino doesn’t always pay much attention to content writers. They create an editorial team, that team gets paid to find writers, and because they’re working with tight budgets and getting big commissions, they often settle for the cheapest casino writer they can find.

The result is a writer who barely knows what they are doing and simply doesn’t have the skillset needed to get results.

A capable casino writer is one who can provide all of the following:

  • Good, clear, engaging content
  • No missed deadlines
  • Is fast and prolific
  • Has a sound knowledge of SEO

Gambling SEO: What’s needed?

To avoid hiring the wrong writer, avoid the following common mistakes when writing casino content or when looking for someone suited to the role:

  • Freelance websites: While gig-based sites can seem like a cheap alternative, very few experienced and skilled writers will be willing to write articles for $5 or less. You get what you pay for, and on freelance websites (when it comes to writing, at least) that isn’t much.
  • Non-Native writers: There are very good non-native writers out there. Some of the best authors to write in the English language weren’t native. However, in the world of online content writing, they’re rare, and if you’re not native yourself, you likely won’t spot the mistakes. This is important for the quality of the work as well as their understanding of cultural differences and country-specific gaming rules.
  • Gambling novices: The strict rules and regulations surrounding the online gambling industry means that one miss-step could cost you severely. Your writer is the face of your iGaming content and, therefore, needs to be an expert in casino copywriting.

iGaming content: Potential problems

Let’s assume that you don’t pay attention to anything outlined above or that you’re getting this information a little too late. What damage can a bad or inexperienced content writer do?

1. Plagiarism

You’ve found a writer who charges very little and produces immaculate work, even though he/she communicates like they barely speak English. What’s the problem? Maybe they’re communicating using their phone, maybe they get into the zone when they write, maybe you’ve just gotten lucky.

Probably not.

Countless writers who fit this mold are plagiarizing content and using cheap tricks to pass Copyscape. They have been known to steal the content and then swap key characters with similar ones in a foreign language.

The text is filled with red lines, but they just blame a formatting issue and when the client sees that everything passes Copyscape, they think it’s perfect.

But you now have content that Google can’t recognize, content that will not rank even with the best backlinks.

2. Black Hat

Keyword stuffing, personal blog networks, spam—there are a lot of black hat SEO techniques that some writers still use, even though they result in sites being blacklisted.

Some “SEO experts” do this because they don’t know any better and are 20 years too late. Others do it because it’s a quick fix that looks good initially and then causes severe damage later on. They collect their payment from a happy client and have gone by the time the site is blacklisted.

3. Missed deadlines

Finally, even good and capable writers can let you down.

You need someone who can deliver on time and deal with issues as soon as they arrive; someone who is easy to reach. Until you’ve had to deal with a sloppy, lazy, and unresponsive writer, you won’t know how essential this is.

Summary: Learn more

Check out our other guides for more information, including this one on what is copywriting.

As you can see, finding a capable writer requires a multi-faceted approach and is not simply a case of throwing money at the first person you find.

At Language Bear, we only hire the very best writers, all of which are natives in their chosen language and experts on their chosen topics. This ensures we always excel in providing quick, capable, result-focused content.

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