Posted on October 5, 2021
Image by Aurore Duwez from Pixabay

Niche language content writing in the Casino and Sports Betting sectors

The online gambling market exploded in 2020 and that growth has continued into 2021, with many new regions embracing online casinos and sportsbooks.

Language Bear also grew during this time. We hired more native writers and editors to ensure that we’re ready to provide niche gambling content across multiple languages and regions.

Niche gambling languages

The strict online gambling laws in France mean that there hasn’t been a huge demand for native French content, but the same can’t be said for French Canadian content, an area in which Language Bear specializes.

Canada is one of the biggest gambling regions in the world right now, and as nearly 23% of the country speaks French, it’s important to cater to them.

Russia is another huge nation getting to grips with online gambling. Close to 2.5% of the world’s population lives in Russia, equating to over 155 million natives, and as only 30% of them speak English (only 3% of which are fluent), they need content in their native tongue.

Spanish is a great example, as well.

There are more native Spanish speakers than English speakers in the world. Spain itself isn’t big on online casinos, but the same can’t be said for Colombia, Mexico, and other Latin American regions. Colombia alone has 50 million Spanish speakers, with over 120 million in Mexico and close to 45 million in Argentina.

Our dedicated content writers can produce native casino content in all of these languages, but we don’t stop there.

We also cover Dutch, which is spoken by over 23 million people, and Portuguese, which is the official language of Brazil. In addition, we have native content creators who speak Turkish, Greek, Finnish, Swedish, and Italian.

If you run an online casino or sports betting site and you are advancing into new markets, we can help you to create content that sells, ranks, and converts.

The Language Bear difference

All Language Bear writers are natives in their chosen languages, and we also employ editors to fine-tune their work and ensure that everything is crisp, clean, and ready for publication.

Furthermore, we only assign projects to certified experts. If you need a French Canadian language article on Blackjack or Roulette, you will get a native speaker who is an expert in Blackjack or Roulette.

That’s the way it should be, and it’s an ethos that we have followed since the company was first launched.

After all, a French-speaking Brit can probably write a clean article. They may have a decent grasp of the language, enough to write a coherent and SEO-friendly article. But if they don’t live in the country in question and aren’t a native speaker, they can’t imbue that article with the lingo that connects to native readers. And they definitely can’t pretend to be an expert in a game that they have never played before.

Language Bear native content is more natural, more organic, more native. That’s what makes us different and that’s why you should hire us.

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