Posted on July 7, 2022

Casino SEO – Why going broad is your worst choice

It goes without saying that casino SEO can have a huge impact on the ultimate success of your gambling platform. However, as with any other industry, effort doesn’t always equate to results. You need to know exactly what you’re doing, and it helps to use the services of experts such as ourselves.

With that said, we’ve seen countless online casinos attempt to run their own SEO strategy.

Sure, this can save cash at the beginning. But likewise, these same sites ultimately don’t achieve the desired results. And there is one mistake that we constantly see: aiming for broad terms. Operators think that such broad and high-volume terms must be the key to success. Wrong! In fact, ‘going broad’ is perhaps the worst gambling SEO strategy of them all.

You’re about to learn why.

Gambling SEO terms are far too competitive

As you probably know, a major part of SEO for casino platforms relates to the choice of keywords. Sure, there are other elements at play, but keywords are still weighted heavily when it comes to rankings. To stress the obvious, getting a new casino, or even an existing casino to the top of the search results can drastically improve its success.

But ask yourself a question – with the thousands of gambling sites out there right now, how hard is it to rank at the top for broad search terms? The answer is that it is extremely hard. Even if you hire a casino SEO A-team, it will still take time, effort, and lots of investment to get the results you desire.

Broad terms are just far too competitive.

Of course, online casinos all have overlapping elements, by their very nature. But this doesn’t mean you have to be one-dimensional and traditional about things. In fact, if you see any casino SEO services out there that recommend going as broad as possible, you should run in the other direction. That’s because you will end up investing lots of money with no real return.

So, what is the alternative? Well, the other option is to focus on niche terms that other casino sites have ignored. By focusing on these terms, you have a significantly better shot at ranking highly for them.

Naturally, a higher ranking means more visibility in the search results, which translates to more visitors and more revenue for your online casino. Simple!

A prime example of broad vs niche might be ‘best jackpot slots online’ vs ‘jackpot slots’. Of course, there are countless others too.

SEO for casino sites needs to highlight unique strengths

This is another mistake that ‘going broad’ with your keyword terms ultimately leads to. If you constantly target generalized keywords with your casino SEO efforts, you run the risk of your site being diluted in the search results. By this, we mean that your site will display like all others, so there is no clear-cut advantage for the customer. Just think – if you are targeting something such as ‘online slots’, how many other sites do you think will appear for this broad term?

The answer is in the millions. And let’s be honest, what does the term ‘online slots’ truly say about your site? Not much! Sure, a potential customer will know that you support online slots, but that’s about it. Again, this is why we say that your casino SEO strategy cannot be too broad or generalized. However, we also understand that going broad might seem like the logical choice if you’re new to SEO for casino platforms.

Those search result statistics can seem too good to ignore – we get it. But as with any business, your competitive advantage is what will pull the customers in. Your unique selling point should also shine through when it comes to your gambling SEO efforts. Take a moment to consider what separates your casino platform from all the others out there.

Do you have unique bonuses? Do you have a large selection of Megaways slot games? Do you have Drop & Wins, tournaments, or exclusive games? Perhaps your platform has one of the best loyalty schemes in the business? These elements are what will steal the attention of potential customers away from other online casinos.

The casino SEO services you choose will produce quicker results by going ‘niche’

The final point that we just have to stress here relates to time. Everybody wants to know how quickly casino SEO services will get results.

The answer is always the same – there is no definitive timeline.

However, there is a definitive answer if you choose to focus purely on broad terms. And that answer isn’t one that you will look favorably upon. In our experience, ranking for broad terms for casino SEO can take months.

Even if you utilize every trick in the book, your site still won’t get to the top of the SERPs for quite some time. Naturally, this isn’t good for your online casino! You want to pull in the punters sooner rather than later, as does any business. The only way to get this done is to choose unique terms that reflect the strengths of your site. This is the supposed ‘secret’ to ranking highly in a relatively short period of time.

Should you manage to rank highly fairly quickly, your subsequent revenue will improve as a result. Of course, this then provides additional funding that can be channeled into other business development efforts. And that’s why we always like to stress that our casino SEO services are an investment, not a sunk cost. So, by investing in our services, you stand to avoid these pitfalls.

Remember – just because you are pursuing a gambling SEO strategy and campaign, this doesn’t mean you should gamble on your results!

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