Posted on November 20, 2019
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Why you need a professional casino copywriter

If you know nothing about online content and copywriting, it’s easy to assume that content is content and the only thing that matters is price. This is a trap that many webmasters fall into, specifically in the affiliate industry, where margins are slight and costs are a priority.

But this is a dangerous assumption to make, one that could result in all kinds of issues. Cheap, quality freelancers are one-in-a-million. The vast majority of the time hiring cheap means sacrificing quality and putting your website, business and even your license at risk.

Here are the reasons you should always be dubious of hiring cheap freelancers over experienced copywriting agencies.

They won’t steal the content

The vast majority of freelancers are honest and hard-working, but there are exceptions to this rule and when you encounter them, they can cause a lot of stress.

The problem is, many clients expect the best, mistake-free content from writers and they’re only willing to pay a few dollars an hour. In the end, they are forced to hire non-natives and unleash their demands onto them. And because those non-natives realize they can’t produce content to the standards required, they tend to resort to plagiarism.

There are many ways to spot plagiarized content these days, but freelancers are using all kinds of crafty tricks to get around them. Clients are forced to play the role of detective and to scrutinize text with a fine-tooth comb—not ideal when they have work to do and deadlines to keep.

Unfortunately, due to the huge demand for content and the rush to get this content live, unscrupulous freelancers are more common in the casino industry than any other.

They understand regulations

An online casino is under constant pressure to adhere to strict rules and regulations. Failure to do so could result in serious fines and suspensions. An experienced copywriter can take all of these things into account. They will understand the industry, the regulations and the demands, whereas a cheap freelancer will focus only on the word count.

If you don’t have the time to scrutinize every word they have written and compare it to the regulations, you need a copywriter who is experienced enough to handle this themselves. The future of your casino is in your content creator’s hands, so make sure you hire someone experienced and capable.

They know SEO

Search engine optimization is the act of preparing a website so that it ranks highly in the search engines. It’s essential for the continued success of an online business and it’s something that all experienced copywriters understand inside and out.

When you hire a skilled writer, such as the ones we have working for us here at Language Bear, you’re guaranteed content that will inform and entertain, content that will meet your exacting specifications and abide by rules and regulations, as well as content that will tick all boxes with regards to SEO.

It’s second nature to all experienced writers—it’s second nature to us. You can worry about the links and other off-site SEO, safe in the knowledge that we’ll handle the onsite stuff.

Summary: You get what you pay for

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for” and this is as true for copywriting as it is for anything else. If you cut corners and hire cheap you could jeopardize your business, leading to fines, suspensions, and poor search engine rankings. If you take the time to hire someone experienced, someone like Language Bear, then your business will benefit.

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