E-Commerce Berlin Expo

Berlin, Germany, 2018
Image by @ecommerceberlin from Facebook

The E-Commerce Berlin Expo is held every year and provides a showcase for some of the very best brands and agencies in Europe. 2018 was one of the best yet, with 150 exhibitors, dozens of speakers and more than 5000 participants all crammed into the Station Berlin.

A few of those participants were the Language Bear staff. We were there to meet with clients, to sign new contracts and to increase our presence in the E-commerce sector. This is one of our many areas of expertise and we have provided content for some of the biggest names in the online retail sector, some of which joined us for this exciting exhibition in one of Europe’s trendiest cities.

E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2018

E-Commerce Berlin Expo was held on the 15th of February and was attended by several major E-commerce companies. These included Shopify, who run the world’s most popular E-commerce platform and content management system; Santander, who operate millions of personal and business bank accounts all over the world; and Trusted Shops, which is an online shopping portal.

In addition to witnessing exhibits and listening to talks, visitors to the E-Commerce Berlin Expo could also partake in some invaluable networking. This is the main reason that we attend, and it’s one of the best things about this event and events like it. Those 5000 participants are all involved with the E-commerce sector in some way, and they are all looking to establish partnerships, acquire clients, and even to make friends.

These shows, and the exhibitions they host, also provide agencies like ours with the chance to stay up to date with the latest technological and regulatory changes, as well as changing trends and fads.

It’s why we make it our duty to attend as many of these shows as possible, and why we would recommend the same to every other agency, brand and entrepreneur in this sector.

If you couldn’t make it to E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2018 or 2019, then book your place at the 2020 expo, which kicks-off in February 2020. Who knows, you may even see the Language Bear team there!